There’s something tasty, often sweet, fruity and All-American about a really good piece of pie. In this delicious documentary titled A FEW GOOD PIE PLACES, we travel across America and visit shops, restaurants, cafes and even a few homes where we found some excellent pies. We consider crusts, crimping, fillings and flavors, and we go to Minnesota for a festival called Braham Pie Day where pies are celebrated, sampled, sold, judged and auctioned off to the highest bidder. Along the way there are berries and apples and even sweet potatoes. PBS producer Rick Sebak (“A Hot Dog Program” and “A Ride Along The Lincoln Highway”) and his crew traveled from Portland, Maine, where a bakery called Two Fat Cats makes Maine blueberry pie, to Seattle, Washington, where a café called A La Mode Pies mixes blueberries with crushed pineapple and coconut to make an original Blue Hawaii pie. We find a man who makes much loved coconut cream pies at the Grant Bar & Restaurant near Pittsburgh, and a crew of bakers who create some truly impressive domed apple pies in northern California at a fruit stand called Ikeda’s. In Vermont, the women at Poorhouse Pies keep a pie-shed well stocked so pie lovers can get baked goods at all hours. From central Virginia to western New York, people are making and selling pies that impress, and in Indiana, everyone knows and loves the official state pie, the sugar cream, even though the rest of the country hardly knows it exists.

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