It’s a question with no real easy or definitive answer. There are countless factors that make the Pittsburgh area unusual and charming, distinctive and unique. You’ve got the hills, the valleys and amazing hilltop views. You’ve got three rivers (full of history, Gateway Clipper boats and water.) Any or all of those things could be the answer. Or it might be our engineers who figured out how to make this area work with heavy industry, how to build our bridges, how to generate and distribute electricity. But immigrants were important too. And their Old World cultures and traditions are being preserved and celebrated all over the city by groups like the Western Pennsylvanian Slovak Cultural Association and the St. David’s Society, in places like the Bulgarian-Macedonian Center in West Homestead and the Jozsa Corner restaurant in Hazelwood. Maybe it’s just the simple pleasures of a social club like the WEMCO Club in Homewood. Or the delicious treats to be found in a neighborhood bakery. But Pittsburgh’s also full of surprises like the world’s largest green building and the tiny Natrona Bottling Company, the last pop producer in Allegheny County. And lots of people will tell you “It’s the people!” which may be true, especially when everyone in the city becomes a Steelers fan with traditions, banners and lots of gusto. There are so many factors to consider, and we’ve squeezed as many as we could into this fast and friendly look at one of America’s most beautiful cities. Approx. 64 mins

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