This delightful documentary includes twenty-six Amazing, Beautiful, Captivating and Delicious pieces of a great city! The program celebrates (in alphabetical order) a wide variety of topics from Amateur Archaeologists to the Zinging Zaps of the Zambelli's. It's a new view of our Amiably Bedazzling City the only place on earth where "D" can be for Daguerreotypes in Dormont, where "M" may mean Mancini's in McKees Rocks, and where "W" will be Westinghouse in Wilmerding. See the surprises of Soldiers & Sailors, find out about the National Negro Opera Company, Jeeps in Butler County, Kentuck Knob and the Nattering Nabobs of NightTalk. Ride the Rail-trails! Try Tailgating! It's an amusing adventure, a tantalizing tour, a homey history lesson led by popular producer Rick Sebak. DVD includes Bonus Material. Approx. 99 mins

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