The fun and upbeat music in this CD celebrates learning and growing -- from birthdays to the inside growing of dealing with feelings. Parenting magazine described it as: " ... a friendly, reassuring, refreshingly underproduced, just plain wonderful tape. The album celebrates ups and downs with thoughtful, upbeat songs and sage Rogers-isms" Track Listings: 1. Won't You Be My Neighbor? 2. You Are Growing 3. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday 4. Everything Grows Together 5. Are You Brave? 6. One And One Are Two 7. Days Of The Week 8. Please Don't Think It's Funny 9. When The Baby Comes 10. What Do You Do? 11. Sometimes People Are Good 12. You've Got To Do It 13. Going To Marry Mom 14. You Can Never Go Down The Drain 15. Let's Think Of Something To Do 16. It's Such A Good Feeling

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