Comings and Goings are part of all of our lives -- whether it's coming to familar places to visit with old friends or going to new neighborhoods and finding new ones. These 17 songs and a Neighborhood of Make-Believe story featuring songs by some favorite puppet characters, help children with their many feelings about hellos and goodbyes. Track Listings: 1. Won't You Be My Neighbor? 2. This Is Just The Day 3. I Like Someone Who Looks Like You 4. It's The Style To Wear A Smile 5. Be Brave, Be Strong 6. Look and Listen 7. I Like To Take My Time 8. Perfectly Beautiful Day 9. Let's Be Together Today 10. I'm Still Myself Inside 11. Propel, Propel, Propel Your Craft 12. Museum Wares 13. You Are Pretty 14. This Is My Home 15. Wishes Don't Make Things Come True 16. I'm Proud Of You 17. It's Such A Good Feeling

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