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BE Taylor Try Love CD
B.E.'s first solo release includes a compilation of songs written, produced, and performed by B.E. And, if you were a fan of the B.E. Taylor Group, this CD has a few old favorites that you're sure to remember (Vitamin L and Never Hold Back). Try Love includes 14 tracks done in that classic B.E. Taylor style.
  1. This Time (Listen to a sample)
  2. Be There
  3. Love You All Over Again**
  4. You Gotta Learn to Love
  5. Without Love (Listen to a sample)
  6. Vitamin L
  7. Try Love
  8. Big Enough
  9. Never Hold Back
  10. My Heart Remembers (Listen to a sample)
  11. You're Gonna Work It Out
  12. Loving (Listen to a sample)
  13. This Time – Acoustic
  14. Love You All Over Again – Full Band
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